Basic Info

Gabriela, 17

If you ever need someone to talk to just know that I'm here to listen. I won't judge. I'll try to help you in the best way I can because I CARE ❤

Theme News

I just released my new theme here :))

I'm working on a new theme :) and an about me page. If you have any suggestions feel free to send me an ask


This is what I'm listening to currently:

1) The Bay- Metronomy
2) Walking on a Dream- Empire of the Sun
3) Blow- Beyoncé
4) To Build a Home- The Cinematic Orchestra
5) The Beacon- A Fine Frenzy


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"I think I’m stuck to the floor ⌚"

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The Janoskians Get Crazy & Dance On The Red Carpet!

jai brooks at the mtv movie awards

the innocent and my favorite kind of beau